Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Theatre deemed a Vital Local Service

So the City of Burnsville, Minnesota's controversial (and publicly financed) Performing Arts Center (PAC) is running a current annualized deficit of about $276,000 yet in a recent newspaper article ( - by Dean Spiros) it was reported that Burnsville is "trying to trim 12 to 15 jobs through buyouts and attrition as it prepares for a projected $1.5 million loss in revenue........." which means cuts in the police, fire, and administration staffs.

What shocked me was that this article did not even mention the PAC's operating deficit. So residents can get to the theatre -- assuming there is something playing since the main stage is only projected to have acts booked for 50 nights this year -- but hopefully their homes won't start on fire during the show given the cuts at the fire department!

Again - governments should do VERY few things and it should do those things VERY well. The current Burnsville budget situation is a perfect example of public officials spending someone else's (our) money.


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