Monday, November 06, 2006

Tour de France

While I am not a big bicycling fan myself I do take an interest in the Tour de France (TDF). However, I must admit that I have lost track of the charges French officials made regarding Lance Armstrong's potential use of performance enhancing drugs after his TDF win this year.

I was reminded of these accusations after reading the October issue of Men's Health magazine which noted in one of its "Facts of Life" items that:

"there is a 45 percentage boost in cycling performance at altitude after taking Viagra, which improves bloodflow in the lungs."

Source: Journal of Applied Physiology

So instead of potential steroid use perhaps Mr. Armstrong simply used some Viagra to enhance his TDF victory celebration which affected his blood test results?? In fact, what if Viagra helped Barry Bonds hit all of his home runs? Surely the French can explore this issue more if they remain unconvinced of Mr. Armstrong's drug free performance. Apparently news agencies/bloggers have addressed this issue in the past as noted here:

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jdsqrd said...

I think you're onto something with the Bonds-Viagra connection. It would explain why he is such a huge tool.

Todd said...

So are you a fan of Babe Ruth? Not the most gracious gentleman in his day - he was a home run king like Bonds which history turned into a folk hero. Perhaps our grandchildren will hail Bonds in the same way.