Thursday, November 09, 2006

Little Events This Week

Three random experiences in the last two days to share with readers:

1.) God -- The very next morning after the November 7th election landslide victory by "moderate Democrats who will work for 'change'" we received a visitor representing Jehovah's Witness (JW). This nice young lady simply said "hello", gave me their brochure entitled, "The End of False Religion in Near!" ( if you are interested in their message), and then walked to the neighbor's home. Wow, now that is an interesting message to receive right after these amazing election results!!! Does JW have a seat on the Democratic National Committee?? :-)

2) Telephones - As I drove past a gas station today I saw a woman who was probably in her early 20's sitting in her car using a PAY TELEPHONE!!! Simply amazing to see since I heard it reported today that 60% of Americans have cellular phones. Ah, old technology still works :)

3.) Immigrants -- While getting a manicure today (hey -- I am ubersexual after all according to Men's Health magazine) I was talking with the shop's manager who is from Vietnam. While paying my bill I asked her how her experience was as an immigrant to the USA -- she moved here with her parents when she was 5 years old -- to which she replied, "the best!! we have experience the great American Dream with business success and opportunities............."

Encouraging little events that make me smile,



Anonymous said... have to have heard by now that the Dems are nothing but Godless liberals, haven't you? What would we do with religious types in our midst?

btw...Your election day recap post nearly made my head explode...

Holstein Girl

Todd said...

The Reverend Jesse Jackson is a Democrat and he injects "God" into nearly every one of his speeches -- probably because God is a white man keeping the black man down in Jesse's world :)

Why did the election day recap almost make your head explode? It was my friend Chuck Muth's recap not mine actually. He was right on target!!


jdsqrd said...

Rev. Jesse still has one of the funniest skits on SNL News ever. "I do not like green eggs and ham..."

Anonymous said...

I have several events to comment on but am still working with Blogger Beta to complete the conversion to their new system.

Thanks for the advice jdsqrd!