Monday, December 11, 2006

The Beagle is Back

Well the new "Blogger in Beta" (BIB) looks like a nice product but the transition of old blogs like this one to the new accounts people like we have created in BIB has taken some time. I can't complain much of course since it is a free service!!!

That said, I am now able to post comments again on SpaceBeagleNotes which is exciting since I always seem to have something to say :-)

I look forward to getting back into my daily posting routine and reviewing readers' posted comments.

This week I have been on the road in Arizona and Kentucky working on state legislative issues but I did have some free time on Sunday to see a movie. Unfortunately I chose to see the mockumentary, "Borat", which was not as funny as I was led to believe. I would really enjoy getting my money refunded but that is impossible.

More later as I get back up to speed on posting,


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