Friday, December 22, 2006

Deputy Warren

Earlier this week in Wheeling, West Virginia, Michael Warren was sworn in as a deputy sheriff for Ohio County. The 20-year-old Wintersville resident once weighed more than 300 pounds but lost 125 pounds in 18 months to pursue a career in law enforcement.

I first heard of this story yesterday while listening to one of my favorite talk radio shows -- Garage Logic --,6137.html where the Mayor of Gumption County and his listeners dispense common sense solutions to everyday issues thereby eliminating the need for more government programs. But I digress :-) Regarding Mr. Warren the conversation on Garage Logic noted that when he began his weight loss program he could not do one push up but the Ohio County Sheriff's Office's physical fitness requirements call for recruits to perform 18 push ups. Following his weight loss/deputy process Mr. Warren reports he can perform 30 push ups and run 1.5 miles in 16 minutes which is pretty respectable.

Now don't get me wrong I commend Mr. Warren for taking command of his personal life -- no where in the media accounts of his story did I see any evidence of a government program to help obese people, etc. Although I can't help but conclude that there must be a shortage of personnel to become deputies since Ohio County clearly had to wait :) for Mr. Warren to lose his weight before they could hire him. Since it is clear that US soldiers/sailors/airmen will be headed home from Iraq before the 2008 elections I assume that hundreds/perhaps thousands of these veterans will be seeking employment when they return home due to their tours of duty being concluded or sadly because they lost their job at home due to the long absence in Iraq (which it apparently illegal but bad things happen).

Let me encourage our law enforcement community to actively recruit these returning veterans to become police officers given their military training and physical fitness credentials. Given the large amount of "homeland security" funds distributed by the US Congress I am certain that city and county governments have funds available for hiring our veterans.

Congratulations Deputy Warren,


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