Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Paul Hewson

I was surprised to read last week that Bono, the lead singer of rock band/humanitarians "U2" (of which I am a fan) agreed to a "KBE" -- Knight of the British Empire -- honorary knighthood from the United Kingdom. U2's spokesman stated that Mr. Hewson (Bono's real name) was "flattered by the honor and hoped it would help him open diplomatic doors in his campaign for more Western aid to Africa."

Bono of course is Irish and Ireland and the United Kingdom have a bloody shared history which continues today as the "Troubles" in Northern Ireland where Catholics and Protestants continue to kill each other -- apparently religious intolerance and poverty are more welcome in Belfast versus peace and prosperity. The VERY first thing I thought of when I read of Bono's knighthood was the lyrics of U2's 1983 song, "Sunday Bloody Sunday" which follow below --


"Broken bottles under childrens' feet. Bodies strewn across the dead end street."

This song was written about the religious killings in Northern Ireland so I was shocked Bono's quote (via his spokesman) was focused on "Africa" not "Northern Ireland" given his heritage and musical history.

Merry Christmas to Belfast,


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