Tuesday, December 19, 2006


While reading my local newspaper this week I notice this annual ranking of citizen volunteer participation rates in the USA (survey/percentage of people older than 16 who have donated time to a non profit organization in the last 3 years):

1. Utah -- 48%
2. Nebraska - 43%
3. Minnesota - 41%
4. Iowa - 39%
5. Alaska - 39%
6. Wyoming - 39%
7. South Dakota - 39%
8. Kansas - 39%
9. Vermont - 38%
10. Montana - 38%

Source: Volunteering in America, State Trends and Rankings, and Corporation for National and Community Service

Based on these rankings let me offer the following observations:

1.) Utah has the highest percentage of citizens volunteering at nearly 50% which suggests that nearly ONE HALF OF AMERICANS aren't volunteering to do anything. Perhaps they are watching too much TV -- please note my posting here "Census Statistics" at http://erasmusbookclub.blogspot.com/ - regarding our couch potato culture.

2.) 8 out of 10 of these states are located in "fly over country" -- meaning they are not part of the East or West coasts' cultural elites which is the home of the limosine liberals that prefer taking our tax dollars so government can "help people" by giving grants to organizations.

3.) Minnesota and Iowa -- my home states are ranked at #3 and #4 respectively which makes me very proud.

Since Christmas is upon us why not consider helping a homeless family by volunteering to build a home for a family via Habitat for Humanity? www.habitat.org

Help the needy,


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Anonymous said...

(for the record, I comment on your blog more than I even visit my own to remember it still exists!)

Having grown up in #4 and living in #2 I am delighted by these stats. However, I have to assume that they are percentages based on the population of that state. While it doesn't completely skew the numbers, I would be curious as to the actual numbers of people in those states that volunteer. Granted, it still means that there is a high percentage of people who can't be bothered with helping out other people and that is incredibly disconcerting.

Holstein Girl