Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Great People

Finally back home after a week of travel to conferences in Arizona and Kentucky primarily meeting with state legislators from around the USA. In general most people think politicians are corrupt but I must say I met numerous legislators at these events who are very good people -- I probably believe this because the legislators I met want to reduce government just like I do!!!

One woman I work with for these conferences -- "ML" I will call her -- has a very challenging personal history which includes:

-being hit by 14 drunk drivers
-having her condo building burn down twice
-fighting cancer twice via radiation
-being in an airplane accident where the woman next to her had her arm severed

BUT..........I challenge anyone to find a most positive, energetic, loving (she has 20 god children she is in constant contact with despite her health issues) person than ML. She really makes me think twice about bitching about things that go wrong in my life -- in reality I have VERY little to complain about in my life.

The other great people I met during my travels includes the entire staff (those I met at least) at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport Marriott Hotel. Clearly "southern hospitality" begins in Kentucky :)

Finally, since I have attacked the airlines in the past due to travel/customer service problems let me personally think Delta and Northwest Airlines for switching my ticket from Delta to Northwest last night so I could return home to Minnesota two hours earlier than planned!! The two ladies that I worked with to make this flight switch were very professional and helpful so for that I want to thank them.

Very encouraging,



Anonymous said...

Okay so you go and get my liberal ass all obsessed with reading a blog. My friends can't even get me interested in reading their blogs! But here I am, checking to see what infuriating thing you are going to write next, and then you disappear for a month! Sheesh.

But I have to ask...and I really don't mean this to sound like it probably will...but PLEASE tell me that is a typo...FOURTEEN? How does that happen? That's horrifying.

Holsteing Girl

Todd said...

That is not a typo. ML is fighting pneumonia this week due to her weakened immune system from the radition treatment. ML has had the same insurance agent and car dealer through all 14 accidents.

Everyone should drink in bed and no where else :)