Friday, December 29, 2006

Hypocrisy at USA Today

Well today's "McPaper" (as my fraternity brother Harvey calls it) -- USA Today as it is officially known -- published its list of "2007 Resolutions (Resolutions we'd like to see)" on page 11a which included this one that caught my attention:

"Pick fights with Republicans, not Democrats. - Incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-California" (quoting USA Today here)

However, in a triumph for hypocrisy this same newspaper made the classic call for "bipartisan progress" in a post-November 7th election editorial which I have excerpted below:
"But even accounting for the unusual circumstances, Bush's picks are troubling. In the days after tide-turning elections, the two parties examine each other's signals to gauge where they might work together and where they will clash. Some of these picks seem like the political equivalent of a poke in the eye to the incoming majority. They could signal a state of denial about the Nov. 7 thumping, or a reluctance by Bush to move to the political center. In either case, they're not an encouraging portent for bipartisan progress."

So which is it USA Today? President Bush should make appointments to key offices that are pre-approved by the Democratic Congress or do you want Speaker-elect Pelosi to "pick fights with Republicans...." ?

Let us call on the Republican and Democratic leadership in Congress to resolve to eliminate personal income taxes -- now that would be a fantastic "living wage" for everyone.


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