Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Don Imus - Bitch Ho

Since I do not enjoying listening to Don Imus' "Imus in the Morning" talk radio show I have largely ignored the recent controversy where he described the Rutgers University women's basketball teams (who finished in second place in the NCAA tournament this year so congratulations to them!!) as "nappy headed hos" --

Not only does his show bore me now it upsets me given this racist attack on a segment of the population I really respect -- student athletes. As I said earlier I largely ignored Imus since I assumed market forces would work by driving down his audience listening rates but today's interview of actress/agitator Whoopi Goldberg regarding Imus' comments by CNN's Anderson Cooper inspired me to speak out.

Whoopi Goldberg offering insights on racism in America??!!! Oh, please!!!

Come on Mr. Cooper you can do better than that given your journalistic success. This is the same Whoopi Goldberg who scripted a sambo show for her then boyfriend Ted Danson (star of "Cheers") who was painted up in black face ( to perform at a comedy roast for her. When people like Goldberg keep racism alive via such acts don't they undermine their own authority to rip on people like Imus?

Now if Imus really wanted to help himself perhaps we could blame his racist slip of tongue to a relapse to his "addiction" (today's USA Today notes he has battled drug and alcohol addiction in the past), shave his head (which would be an improvement over his nasty looking hair style), and enter a rehab center following Britney Spears' footsteps.

Or perhaps Mr. Imus should simply be forgiven for his use of the term, "nappy headed hos", since he probably heard the term while watching music videos on BET (Black Entertainment Television) or MTV2 --

No I don't offer excuses for Don Imus but I am convinced his comments are merely the tip of a iceberg in American society.


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Pistol Pete said...

I think people will get a different view of Imus once they discover he is in "Necessary Therapy". I've got the scoop on my blog. Check it out.