Friday, April 13, 2007

Pelosi and Imus

Much news commentary was generated in the last week by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy "Grandma" Pelosi's recent meeting with President/Dictator Assad of Syria and added speculation that she may/she should meet with Iran in a follow up trip.

Now last year I congratulated her on becoming the first women to become Speaker of the House in the USA - a huge achievement for her and women in our country - but Ms. Pelosi must be remind that she is Speaker of the House NOT the US Secretary of State.

That job is being filled by Condoleezza Rice -- a black/African-American woman -- -- RICE'S IMPRESSIVE RESUME IS WORTH REVIEWING

So Don Imus knocks successful black women like the Rutgers University basketball team down with his racist remarks about them looking like "nappy headed hos" (probably borrowed from some rap videos) which in US constitutional government terms does not even get on the radar compared with Ms. Pelosi's direct undermining of the US Secretary of State. While Ms. Pelosi did not call Secretary Rice a "nappy headed ho" she has in effect reduced Secretary Rice to a mere prop in terms of US foreign policy much like rap stars have half-nude hos as props on their music videos.

Read the Constitution please,


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