Friday, July 20, 2007

Emmy Awards

Today's local newspaper ( in Minnesota provided a summary of the nominees for the 2007 Emmy Awards. Before I provide their list let me offer some background information on the Emmy Awards:

"The Emmy® Awards are administered by three sister organizations who focus on various sectors of television programming: the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (prime time), the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (daytime, sports, news and documentary), and the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (international).The Emmy Awards recognize excellence within various areas of the television industry. The awards are a symbol of peer recognition from over 12,000 members of the Academy. Each member casts a ballot for the category of competition in their field of expertise."


The chart in the newspaper article that I was most interested in was the one entitled, "Top Nominated Networks." This list included the following --

HBO -- 86 (Emmy) nominations
ABC -- 70 nominations
NBC -- 69 nominations
CBS -- 44 nominations (the new home of Katie Couric)
Fox -- 28 nominations (yea Simpsons!!)
PBS -- 24 nominations

Do you see what I see here? The left wing elites in the USA tell us that the US Congress MUST spend our tax dollars to fund "quality programming that the free market won't produce" by underwriting -- $400 million in tax dollars from the US Congress in 2005 I have read -- programming at PBS (the Public Broadcasting System, . But wait!!!!!! -- HBO (a private entity owned by Time Warner, Inc. received 86 Emmy nominations while the government-funded (plus private donations raised via their fundraising efforts) PBS only received 24 nominations -- a full 62 nominations differential!!!

These award nominations by the Academy (the "TV industry" peers) are a clear endorsement of the high quality TV programming being produced by the free market because freedom and creativity are twins of the same mother.

The Emmy Awards will be televised on September 16, 2007 so set your TiVo if you are interested in watching the artists at HBO crush the bureaucrats at PBS.


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