Thursday, July 12, 2007

Land of 10,000 Tickets

On August 1st the State of Minnesota will legalize the time-honored market system for tickets known as - scalping. Now of course ticket scalping has occurred in Minnesota regardless of our freedom-hating anti-scalping law which first became law in 1914.

As a result of this expansion of personal freedom the legalization of scalping in Minnesota has convinced a company called, Ticket King, ( to cross the border by relocating from Hudson, Wisconsin TO new locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

The essential lesson here for politicians is very simple -- allow people to enjoy their freedoms in a legal framework that protects private property and economic growth (jobs) will be created -- versus creating "job re-training programs" and "economic development grant/loan programs" that oftentimes result in a loss of taxpayer funds.

So welcome to Minnesota Ticket King!! Sadly it took 16 years (it was founded in 1991) for you to become a corporate citizen. One bit of advice though in an effort to expand freedom -- why don't you add another tab to your website along with the "Sports", "Concerts", etc. tabs entitled, "Scalping Laws" . This tab could have a map of the USA depicting the legal status of "scalping" across the country thereby educating your web visitors/customers to help ignite a grassroots lobbying campaign.

Freedom creates jobs not government programs,


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