Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Life

It is amazing how time flies since it has been nearly three weeks since my last blog posting but with good reason. Overall the last three weeks have been very hectic in terms of business and personal life so I can't remember the last time my wife and I watched a film. But nowadays the film on my mind is "Parenthood" -- a classic film with stars like Steve Martin and Rick Moranis.

If you have never seen this film before here is a quick summation -- the film showcases the various parenting models: the absent alcoholic, the hard driving father, the fun loving father, the single mother.................etc. coupled with a large amount of humor. Not only is this film entertaining but it is also very sobering and educational if you give it a chance to affect you.

Parenthood is top of mind for me since our son was born last week!! At this point friends and family tell me he received "his father's hair and mouth..............." which overall is pretty good I am guessing :-) However, what I most hope for is that our son received his mother's temperament since she has the patience and caring of an angel while I still need some work in this area!!

As parents everywhere know there is nothing like holding your new born child which I can confirm is 100% accurate.

To say I am blessed is the worst of understatements,


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Anonymous said...

aaah congratulations! That is definitely the best kind of reason to be away and an outstanding announcement to come back with! Blessings and prayers for your whole family.

Holstein Girl