Friday, February 29, 2008

Social Security and Marijuana

Today's newspaper featured a crime story from a neighboring community - Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota. Apparently, Doanzell Geiddarr Johnson , AGE 37 (thirty seven years is key here), was arrested for possession - he says delivery only since he did not own it -- of 213 pounds of marijuana.

Now Mr. Johnson is defending himself as being a simple "delivery man" who picked up the boxes at a UPS store in St. Paul, Minnesota with no intention of selling it himself. He defended himself by telling the police that he was, "doing it for the money -- $200 a box -- as he is a student and living on Social Security." Unfortunately for Mr. Johnson's defense he was caught carrying $5400 while driving a Hummer H2 vehicle.

Not bad for a student "living on Social Security"!! What the reporter failed to tell us is -- why is a 37 year old living on Social Security? I thought when President Franklin Roosevelt's socialist administration/politburo created Social Security it was simply meant to be a safety net to help senior citizens retire so they did not have to live in poverty.

Now this highlights the number one problem with government programs -- mission creep. Social Security has constantly been expanded over the last 70 years to the point where it is completely broken. I might sound heartless and ignorant of Mr. Johnson's life details when I say it -- but a 37 year old with $5400 in cash and driving a Hummer probably can live a decent life without Social Security payments don't you think?

Coupled with Social Security reform our government should give serious consideration to drug law reform because legalization of drugs will not only help to reduce crime but it will also reduce the tax burden the rest of us face being forced to pay for the police state to "fight the war on drugs." Lastly, if Mr. Johnson could legally sell these 213 pounds of marijuana it would be a taxable business transaction subject to sales tax and income taxes -- tax revenues that could help make the Social Security system solvent. Even though I want the Social Security system dismantled not returned to solvency -- with the current taxes returned to our pockets.

Today's crime stories reflect not only our societal problems but also the need for government reform.


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jdsqrd said...

Marijuana is already taxed in some states. Tax evasion is usually one of the charges when a case is brought against someone who is selling it.