Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Skol Favre!

Well it is official -- Green Bay Packers quarterback, Brett Favre, announced his retirement from the National Football League yesterday. I have to admit that while I am a Minnesota Vikings fan I always had great respect for the way Mr. Favre played the game.

So here is the opportunity for the Vikings given our poor roster of quarterbacks -- sign Brett Favre to a one year contract!! Yes I know the die hard, hate the Packers more than cancer, crowd will shout in protest but stop to think about it for a minute.

As a starting quarterback Favre has a 17 wins and 14 losses record in terms of the Packers vs. Vikings. Imagine the media and fan response to such a deal -- some Packer fans would be heartbroken that he signed with the arch-rival Vikings but others would be glad just to see him playing again. As for Viking fans -- if we were smart we would celebrate this contract. Beyond the quality it would add on the field just imagine how many #4 purple and gold football jerseys the Vikings would sell!! Hell, they might make enough money in jersey sales and season ticket sales to be able to pay for their own stadium versus asking taxpayers to contribute.

Some sports writers might say such a deal would be more public relations than offensive firepower but I think Favre still has enough gas in the tank to move the Vikings into the promised land of the playoff season.

With such a small chance of such a deal being completed I must be an adult about it to wish Mr. Favre a happy and restful retirement. I barely can walk after a few racquetball games so my respect for what he can do on the field after being sacked by 300 pound plus defenders is enormous.

Best wishes Brett,


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