Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pizza - Part 2

Clear evidence that people read my blog this week as I received two posted comments on my "Pizza" posting regarding the largest pizza companies in the USA. Sadly though -- the topic of "pizza" garnered more comments than my past postings regarding income tax reform ideas but there in lies the challenge. Although I could completely re-vamp my blogging to create a blog solely dedicated to pizza -- recipes, restaurants, chefs, appropriate beers, etc -- which could lead to a book deal like my friend's blog which is dedicated to a pork product (I won't disclose the book deal until she tells me it is public then of course I will buy a book for my brother who loves the stuff!!).

Coincidentally pork is a key ingredient for several pizza recipes so let's get back to pizza. In this "Part 2" posting I want to respond to the two posted comments. A college buddy noted that I completely overlooked a campus favorite -- Pizza Pit -- which tastes great if you are sober or drunk!! Just for fun today I called the location we always used to go to at +1 515.292.6914 . It is amazing how memory works since it has been 19 years since I graduated from university but can still remember their phone number. FYI -- they are open until 12 midnight today if needed.

So thanks for reminding me about Pizza Pit. Here are a few other chain pizza operations that I have enjoyed over the years:

1.) Godfather's
2.) Rocky Rococo's

To recap for my readers from my initial pizza posting -- Pizza Hut is ranked at the largest (in terms of 206 revenue) pizza firm in the USA but clearly "bigger is not better" when it comes to pizza since I would much prefer a trip to "the Pit" than to "the Hut".

Save me a slice,



Anonymous said...

And best Gas Station pizza clearly goes to Caseys! ;-)

You realize that nobody but people in the midwest understand Taco Pizza too right? lol

Holstein Girl

jo said...

The Pit Rocks!

Anonymous said...

Pizza is the opiate of the people.