Thursday, April 03, 2008

Alycia of Troy

Yet another US political family has been rocked by a sex scandal - this time in the state of Michigan where US Senator Debbie Stabenow's husband, Thomas Athans, "told police he paid a prostitute $150 for oral sex at a hotel", according to a Troy, Michigan police report cited in my local newspaper today.

The article went on to note that Mr. Athans, age 46, is co-founder of the "liberal TalkUSA Radio network" and that the prostitute involved was Alycia Martin, age 20, of Westland, Michigan. However, the most confusing and interesting part of this report was that while Ms. Martin was arrested with a "charge of prostitution" the police did NOT file any charges against Mr. Athans.

Perhaps a call to the Troy, Michigan police will clear this up tomorrow but for now I have to wonder about the following issues:

  • If an act of prostitution is completed between two people (money changes hands) how is it one person is arrested but the other one remains free?
  • Did Mr. Athans simply do this as yet another "talk radio" DJ stunt to gain publicity? :)
  • Why do such stories consume space in our newspapers?
  • Will authorities also charge Ms. Martin with tax evasion or did she plan to claim the $150 as ordinary income?

And justice for (almost) all,



Anonymous said...

Todd, With great anticipation I check your blog weekly for your current postings. I am hopeful that you will fill the void left by the passing of William F. Buckley. However, and this may be due to the new challenges of fatherhood, lately I've come away contemplating pizza and petty crimes.
It's time to reignite the political fire in your belly young man!!!!
Although I no longer eat red meat, I'm seeking substance in your articles that remind me of steak and not anchovies!!!!!
Sincerely, DJM

Anonymous said...

That's my homtown!!! Troy! I swear, it's a non-prostitue type of place! :)

I'll check it out when I'm there in four days for a visit...