Wednesday, April 23, 2008


While reading today's USA Today newspaper I noticed a photo of musician, Shakira, during her recent visit to Capitol Hill in Washington DC. Shakira was using her star power to promote the "Global Campaign for Education" to call attention to the need for education around the world.

It is great to see Shakira getting involved in public policy issues but since she is a native of Colombia I would have loved to see her meet with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi -- who has used her office to prevent debate over the proposed US-Colombia free trade agreement -- to argue that free trade with Colombia would help create new wealth that can be used to improve education options for the children in her home country.

I am certain the Colombian drug lords love the idea of keeping the current trade barriers in place so that the local farmers don't not have new economic opportunities created via free trade thus defaulting them back to raising coca for the drug lords.

Free trade is music to my ears,


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