Friday, May 09, 2008

Elitists for Hope and Change

In the run up to the Democratic primary election in Pennsylvania in April this year US Senator Barack Hope Obama (BHO) was pummeled by US Senator Hillary Change Clinton (HCC) for his comments regarding voters which were considered to be "elitist" in nature.

Now that is progress in the USA when a black man is considered elitist versus being considered mere chattel to be sold in the public square!!

As I have posted here before I find it comical that the "party of the common man" (Democratic Party) has a provision in its party rules whereby an elite politburo of "super delegates" exists to essentially determine who becomes the party's nominee this year due to the close nomination battle between BHO and HCC. So we end up with a group of elites (super delegates) choosing from two elites (BHO and HCC) to rule over us tax slaves.

Now this coronation process should bother all of us -- especially anyone who has read what guided the Founding Fathers' thinking as they created the USA. They specifically forbid the creation of titles and royalty but I will admit their Electoral College was a semi-elitist check on the popular vote. Hey, nobody is perfect, even James Madison the Father of the US Constitution.

However, I am not surprised by the American public's willingness to defer to various elites to govern us as evidenced by the default royal class we have created in the USA via Hollywood stars and celebrity weddings such as Jenna Bush's (daughter of US President George W. Bush of course) in Texas. In fact I saw a newspaper article about the wedding with a photograph of the wedding copy featured on a computer mouse pad that can be purchased in Crawford, Texas.

Of course I will probably be called an elitist myself for my disdain of this aspect of American society by both of my readers but so be it. Jenna didn't even invite me!!!

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jdsqrd said...

Jenna Bush got married?

I don't see the electoral college as elitist; just the opposite. If not for the electoral college presidential elections would only be for California, New England, Floriduh, and Texas - the populace of smaller states would not matter.