Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NOLA -- further thoughts

As noted earlier I attended the annual meeting of the National Conference of State Legislatures (www.ncsl.org -- if readers want to know more but I can tell you that these people simply want to consume more of your wealth to pay for more government programs) in New Orleans last week.

After returning home to Minnesota I reflected on the local media reports I read about the "Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts/status three years later...................." No where did I see how much money was spent -- tax dollars, private sector donations, and of course the man-hours of donated volunteer labor -- so far on the "recovery efforts" but it has to be at billions and billions of dollars by now.

So given how "green" our society has become with our focus on eating organic foods, recycling, and driving Toyota Prius cars everywhere I have to pose this question? Why didn't our nation simply pay - publicly and privately -- to turn most of New Orleans into "green space" instead of rebuilding everything?

Since we were all obligated to spend the money anyway why didn't we relocate families and businesses to "non-Hurricane" areas thereby letting nature reclaim large sections of land. So tell me former Senator John Edwards - from North Carolina who seems to be living in New Orleans given his multiple press events there -- "if you are so concerned that global warming is going to destroy our planet WHY in God's name our we rebuilding this city instead of creating more green space that would process more of the CO2 that apparently threatens our very existence?"

The answer my friends -- with a "crisis" to address politicians like John Edwards and Al Gore would be on food stamps.

Green space not levees,



concon said...

Hey Todd,
get your political jollies off on someone else's tragedy.

Screw you and your relocations. Water under a fallen bridge. Water under the fallen bridge.
I'm getting really ill with neocoward Machiavelli-wannabees trying to pass themselves of as concerned for the country's welfare. It is you guys who have sold us over to the enemy. It is you right wingers who have bent us over to the Saudis. It is you feckless chicken hawks who took my nephew in Iraq.
What a self-centered pig you are.

You have got to be the first truly stupid Minnesotan I have ever run across. Really and truly stupid.

BTW I don't live in New Orleans. I'm just another American citizen fed up people like you who think to pick on wounded people.
Tiny, very tiny.

Anonymous said...


To paraphrase SNL "Concon you ignorant slut." You could not get a clue if someone willed it to you. I have spent a fair amount of time in NOLA, am active duty military, and am as pissed about our energy policy as anybody so I am as well qualified to reply to your babble. I'm sorry for the loss of your nephew, I have lost several friends myself but put the blame where it truly belongs...Islamo-fascists. The US did not bring 9-11 on itself and this war is not being fought for some big conspiracy despite what Hollywood's best educated "scholars" would tell you.

Everyone including Todd, agrees with helping people that need assistance get their feet back under them so they can move on. Your viewpoint fails to recognize that there are people out there that do not want a helping hand, they want a hand out. It is not self centered to grow frustrated listening to people demanding more, more, more without doing a damn thing to help themselves. As icing on the cake, the left wing continually panders to this helpless crowd by legitimizing their victimization and offering only lip service. Look at the people who are moving on and those that continue to act like victims, the only discernable difference you will see is in their desire to do something for themselves. Attitude does make a difference.

As for Todd being “the first truly stupid Minnesotan I have ever run across,” I say this…Jesse Ventura. I think that decision speaks poorly for the whole state.

And if you don’t want to be bent over by the Saudi’s then how about opening up some domestic exploration or looking at a few more nuke plants to ease the burden until something more green is feasible…what was I thinking those options are clearly unreasonable.