Thursday, March 16, 2006

family business

Yesterday I had breakfast with a friend at Bakers' Square (yes, I try to avoid the chain restaurants but easy logistics ruled the day) in Eagan, Minnesota which apparently was a corporate case study on poor customer service. My friend and I agreed that both the host and waitress apparently did not seem to care if we were in the restaurant or not. I much prefer restaurants that treat you as though you were a guest in their own home so they serve as your "host".

By contrast let me share with readers my VERY positive customer service experience the night (evening of March 14) before my Bakers' Square breakfast at Kowalski's Market in Lakeville, Minnesota --

Essentially I was the only customer at this higher-quality supermarket since I completed shopping at 10 pm and they were closing at 12 midnight. The great customer service was not dependent on me being the only customer in the store at the time I am certain because the person that bagged my groceries AND carried them to my SUV (during a very cold and snowy night in Minnesota) was -- Justin Kowalski -- a nephew of the store's founder. When I asked Justin how long he has been involved in the family business he said, "it was essentially a day care center for me, I have been around the business most of my life................" Now my big government/statist friends will cry for regulations to end some "child labor" injustice but let me assure them there is no evil capitalist to punish here with new labor laws. Justin is a very professional, personable, well-adjusted gentleman in his 20's without any missing limbs :-) who clearly loves the family business (he name is on the door!!) and taking care of customers.

My grocery shopping dollars have been won by Kowalski's Market.

Shop 'til you drop,


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