Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Cheese Steaks

This week I am traveling for meetings in Philadelphia and Washington DC so while waiting for my Amtrak train in Philadelphia I stopped at the Bridgewater Pub on Market Street for lunch. After my initial disappointment from the lack of cheese steaks on the menu wore off I chose the Clam Chili for an appetizer and then the Yak Burger (yes, yak!) for my main course.

The waiter described the yak as "similar to veal" but it really was more like a greasy hamburger from a great Washington DC "dive" called the "Tune Inn" where the music of Patsy Cline reigns. Now don't get me wrong -- both the chili and yak were very tasty and the waiter was high quality. One interesting note is that it appears the pub's (or the city council's ?) policy is "No Smoking until after 3 pm" which is posted on signs throughout the building. Coincidentally I walked out of the pub about 3:05 pm at which time the place was filled with several cigarette smokers. Based on the pub's exotic menu (wild boar was also included!!) and the great customer service I am going to award them with a "3.5".

Following my Amtrak train ride to Washington DC I met my friend, Tim, for dinner at Mr. K's, a very high-end Chinese restaurant near George Washington University. We had a set menu of lobster/spring rolls/lettuce wraps for an appetizer followed by Peking duck pancakes then a light sorbet to cleanse our palates' followed by a main course of lobster with mushrooms and rice. The customer service was top notch with warm towels and lemon water between courses so my overall rating will have to be a "4" -- a great restaurant but not quite up to the level of "Elements" in Phoenix.

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Anonymous said...

Well, its always nice to see a picture of the animal you have jsut eaten! Make it kinda special, don't it???

another word for Yak.....Yuk!!!