Saturday, April 01, 2006

It's the Media, Stupid!!

I have returned to Philadelphia after nearly four full days of meetings in Washington DC. One night of my DC visit was devoted to the "Media Research Center's Gala - featuring the Dis Honors Awards" at the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

This annual event is the Media Research Center's (MRC),, version of the "Razzies" (given to the worst films of the year) with the "Dis Honors" awards focused highlighting those members of the media establishment most deserving of ridicule for their bias, ignorance, and general opposition to freedom (my own summary - please visit MRC's website for their own explanation).

So this year's "winners" are as follows:

"Slam Uncle Sam Award" -- Chris Matthews, MSNBC's Hardball program

"Send Bush to Abu Ghraib Award" -- Jack Cafferty, CNN's The Situation Room program

"Cindy Sheehan Media Hero Award" -- Chris Matthews, MSNBC's Hardball program

"Aaron Brown Memorial Award for Stupidest Analysis" -- Ted Turner, former CNN founder who sold out to AOL/Time Warner and lost most of his fortune except for what he donated to create the United Nations Foundation. Now that I think about it the AOL/Time Warner stock is still worth more than the investment in the UN's "work"

"I'm not a Political Genius but I play one on TV Award" -- Rosie O'Donnell. PLEASE, PLEASE run for public office to provide new content for Comedy Central!!!

Overall this was a very entertaining evening especially since I did not see the video clips of these "winners'" comments when they originally aired since I travel too much so I greatly appreciated seeing Ted Turner's comments about North Korea where he said in response to Wolf Blitzer's question about starvation in this Worker's Paradise that Ted had, "......seen thin people riding bikes but I did not see any evidence they were being abused.............." (something to that effect -- truly an amazing moment especially since in late January Turner's own CNN ran a feature on "CNN Presents" showing video smuggled out of North Korea showing first hand, mass starvation and public executions.

Let me close with this disturbing quote from the highly discredited Dan Rather (thanks to the bloggers at Powerline!!) -- "CBS is a magical, mystical kingdom of journalistic knights" Dan Rather -- thanks to my friend/fellow blogger, Stacey, for writing the quote down for me. I will have to add Stacey to the Space Beagle staff :)

Turn off your TV and read a book,


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