Thursday, April 06, 2006

My life is too busy

During my morning routine of reading the newspaper while biking in my gym I was listening to CNN which had a story focused on how busy people are today and their use of electronic tools such as Blackberries, email, and voice mail. One person interviewed stated that she is constantly "spread too thin........"

Yet me be honest by admitting that I multi-task and over-program with the rest of the tax slaves in the USA but I try to balance that with exercise, some quiet reading time, and massages (see my posting - "Dr. Plato will see you now"). This CNN story reminded me of a clipping I had in my "Blog Items" file (yes, I am a dork with such a file but it is no different than files maintained by traditional writers) focused on the Long Now Foundation (LNF):

The LNF's main focus is society lack of "long-term perspective" thus one of their project's is the creation of the "10,000 Year Clock" which was first built in the year, 01997. So if you want a sense of a slower-paced, long-term view life spend some time reading about their work.

Personally their "Rosetta Project",, intrigues me the most. This project seems to archive the world's languages with their current count at 3,000 known languages.

Don't stop thinking about tomorrow,


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