Monday, April 10, 2006

April Showers

My hometown in Iowa is situated at the confluence of the Maple River and Odebolt Creek thus I spent several spring thaws exploring the river banks for any "treasure" exposed by the breaking ice but mostly the items were garbage of course.

Personally I love April showers begins that means the rivers and lakes will fill to their proper levels thus allowing for pursuits like canoeing and kayaking. Once again I am fortunate to be able to participate in the annual Mississippi River Challenge, , set for August 5 and 6 in the Twin Cities of Minnesota joined this year by my fraternity brother Pete as my paddling partner. The Challenge is a charity fundraiser for the Friends of the Mississippi River to help them raise funds for their education and environmental protection work.

As I look forward to this two day paddle I am FINALLY thanking those friends that supported me with donations in 2005 since each paddler in the challenge is expected to raise $200 in contributions. Let me recognize those friends today:

Steve G.
Karen B.
Cecily S.
Tim H.
Steve K.
Mark P.

A token of my appreciation and a reminder of Old Man River is on its way to you this week. My sincere thanks for supporting this effort to clean and preserve our 22 mile stretch of the Mississippi here in the Twin Cities.

Everything flows downstream,


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