Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hawkeye State

While traveling in Philadelphia this past weekend I saw an ad for this new film:


To be completely factual my home state of Iowa also raises substantial amounts of soy beans and hogs but that would probably make the film's tag line a bit too long ;)

Since this was the first time I had heard or read about this film it caught my attention so after reviewing its website I discovered that it is focused on the production of "meth" which is reportedly a booming industry in Iowa. I love my home state so I am greatly concerned about the current state of affairs and the outside world's perception of Iowans generated by this film's release.

Regardless of how this film portrays drug use I am still opposed to living in - and paying for - the police state created by the "War on Drugs" . Additionally, I am very tired of hearing journalists and politicians constantly asking President Bush when he plans to withdraw troops from Iraq so let me generate a new line of questioning -- "Mr. President, when do you plan to withdraw the troops/police from the War on Drugs?" Perhaps some of the thousands of police officers and narcotics agents involved in the drug war could be retrained and re-deployed to Iraq to help that country create the police structure it needs to establish law and order.

Unless we plan to create a 100% income tax bracket we need government to completely rethink how they spend our tax dollars today.

DARE to think anew,



Anonymous said...

Ironic you would post this the same day Dwight "Doc" Gooden is sent back to jail. Last sentence from Reuters story:
Gooden started his Major League career with the New York Mets in 1984 and became one of baseball's most dominating pitchers. He also pitched for Cleveland, Houston, Tampa Bay and the New York Yankees before retiring after the 2000 season. He won 194 games and lost 112 in 16 seasons in a career marred by drug use and suspensions."

Todd said...

Thanks for the Gooden example -- yet another argument for judicial reform. If I was the judge I would not send him to prison - he would be putting in community service hours taking care of ball parks (under current law). Beyond his own drug addiction the other sad thing here is that our court system is clogged with repeat offenders such as him - this helps prove my point that the war on drugs needs a fresh approach. Todd

Dicki said...

Would community service limit his number of times as a repeat offender?