Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Career Number Two

Well I have delayed writing about this due to its personal nature but it is quite an accomplishment given our dynamic economy and the impact of world trade on jobs. I am proud to announce that after a 40 year career in the telecommunications industry my father retired on March 31, 2006 so my sincere congratulations to him!!! My father's pride in his work and dedication to the customer was unmatched and will no doubt be missed given my childhood memories of answering customer calls at our family home at all hours of the day/night. Enjoy your free time and canoe a lot more Dad.

Beyond celebrating someone's ability to complete a 40 year career with one company given the rarity of such an accomplishment in today's economy it is worth pausing to think about the state of telecommunications back in 1966 when my dad started in the industry. No one carried cell phones, Blackberries were not even an idea, the Internet was not the commercial enterprise it is today, and the phrase "web browser" was not in our vocabularies.

Given our ever increasing life expectancies and my dad's relative youth he is considering his options for his "second career" which might include selling home grown produce -- hopefully such a venture will bear fruit (sorry!!) so that I can promote his products on this blog in the near future.

Enjoy your work today and plan for your next career,


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Anonymous said...

I just saw today in "The Link" (company newsletter) that Maggie w___(sp?), Frontier CEO gave a very nice tribute to your father and mentioned he announced his retirement at the company MVP conference. Thought you would be interested to hear this.

If appropriate wish him my best in his new career.

Julie J