Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dr. Plato will see you now

"The great error of our day in the treatment of humans is that some physicians separate treatment of psyche from treatment of body" Plato

One of my favorite Saturday Night Live characters is Steve Martin's "medieval Barber" where nearly every medical solution he offers to his patients (victims?) is a blood letting regardless of their medical condition.

Personally I am blessed with good health in that I have never had a sick day from work in 17 years now which I attribute primarily to an active lifestyle, the regular use of the steam room at my gyms, avoiding medicines as the immediate solution, and occasional visits to a spa for a massage. This is my "holistic" approach to medicine thus I am very encouraged by the growing availability/flexibility of Health Savings Accounts (for more information -- since it empowers consumers/patients to spend health care dollars in the way they want.

Hopefully HSA will completely restructure the "pay and pray you get something back" medical insurance system we have created in the USA. For instance, instead of some prescription drug I want my personal doctor to prescribe a few full body massages for a few weeks perhaps coupled with some one-to-one yoga instruction to counter cold/flu symptoms I might be experiencing but today's insurance claim system does not cover such "prescriptions" .

I thought about the need for reforming our current "trade guild" medical profession after reading about this TV program focused on alternative medicine options such as -- herbs, acupuncture, meditation:

Empower yourself the next time you see your doctor by asking him/her to prescribe a massage or some aromatherapy treatments for you then let me know what their response is -- always trying to educate myself.

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