Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Growing Minority

Some of my readers can probably identify with my childhood experiences which included the following:

  • Pen ink on your hand
  • Leaning across your school desk for writing exercises
  • Using a pair of scissors that not only hurt our hand but also left you with poorly cut paper

Remember? Do the cheer with me now -- "We're Here, We're Left Handed, Get Used to it!!"

Yes, we of the left-handed world have suffered for generations as the only minority not protected by state and federal laws. Although we could probably bring a lawsuit under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to remedy our "victim hood" but why should we add even more to the class action lawsuit business just to pay the boat payments for trial lawyers :-)

But now comes good news for us southpaws via The Daily Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom --

"The percentage of people who are left-handed has risen in the past 100 years, from 3% to 11% while 24% of people use their left hands to wave."

Unfortunately this quote was not clear if the research used was only for the United Kingdom or for the world's population but either way it is a very interesting trend. One day we will have a majority of the world's population which will clearly cause major societal changes such including a huge increase in poor penmanship!!

Left on baby,



Anonymous said...

aaah FINALLY... something we have in common besides Ida County! ;-)

Left-Handed,Ambidextrous Holstein Girl

jdsqrd said...

Ambidextrous and proud of it!