Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Al Gore Christmas

How sad that watching television at my in-laws on Christmas Day I was reminded of Al "The End is Near" Gore. While watching a local TV station broadcast of a burning fireplace I commented that "now this is an Al Gore Christmas since that fire is not releasing any harmful gases into the atmosphere................."

That was only one aspect of my Al Gore Christmas this year since the return drive from my parents' home in Iowa to our home in Minnesota had an extra 1.5 hours added to it due to a heavy snow fall. Yes the snow (the strong winds were more responsible) was deep but it wasn't a problem for us Mother Earth-hating SUV drivers who come equipped with four wheel drive and a desire to survive. The traffic delays were primarily caused by drivers in under-powered, "environmentally-friendly vehicles" like the famed Toyota Prius.

I have to ask -- can Al Gore be blamed for any traffic deaths caused when these global warming preventing vehicles left their drivers stranded in the ditches?

Regarding global warming I can assure readers it has not changed the nature of Minnesota yet since we still have heavy snow storms so I plan to keep the SUV as long as possible. My vehicle will be especially helpful if I have to drive my family's possessions up into the mountains to survive rising ocean levels if the polar caps melt :-)

Oh the weather outside is frightful,


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J Hagan said...


Christmas in Hawaii didn't have the snow fall of MN...yet I don't blame that on global warming. Love the SUV comment. My Christmas gift to myself was a nice, beefy set of 9.5x30 R 15 tires for my gas guzzling jeep wrangler. For those unaware, jeeps get horrible milage, about 12 mpg, much less than my Ford Explorer ever got. Those tires look great and will be awesome when I throw some sand around at the beach.