Thursday, December 13, 2007

Women Love Sports

Finally I took some time yesterday to read my Men's Health magazines which have piled up due to work travel. As I read through the November edition ( -- yes I am catching up on the reading pile -- I noticed the results of an online poll the magazine created regarding women and sports. The poll was entitled, "Which of the three major sports do women find sexiest to watch?"and the results were as follows:

  • Football -- 50%
  • Baseball -- 35%
  • Basketball -- 15%

Source: a poll of 254 women - perhaps the only women who read Men's Health!!

Very interesting results especially from a sports marketing standpoint so here are some questions/observations that come to mind:

  • Hockey - clearly women don't find the fighting to be sexy. Personally I hate the fighting because it clearly distracts from the game itself. How many times does a football game stop all action as everyone watches two players fight? Crazy damn game.
  • National Basketball Association -- if NBA Commissioner David Stern wants to tap into the female market like the National Football League has (via their pink team hats for example -- Mark Yost's book on the NFL is a great read on this subject) then he should playing cleanse the NBA of its current crop of convicts and part-time rappers.

The best news -- couch/TV time in America is safe and sound since men like me have a 50% chance that our wives will want to watch a football with us :-)



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Anntheredsoxfan said...

I admit it: I think sports (baseball and football) are sexy! The other good news about women and loving sports: We're not like dogs, we can be "taught new tricks". Over the last 4 years, I've been converted from a woman who thought watching any sports on TV was the equivalent of watching paint dry and just a master plan on behalf of men everywhere to spend an afternoon on the sofa drinking beer - but now, I wouldn't be caught dead watching anything but the Red Sox/Patriots game! Well, unless I'm at the game, of course - where I do spend a significant amount of my annual entertainment budget. My future children will literally have less inheritance due to the money I have and will spend on World Series tickets! My advice to men: take your wives/significant others to a game - splurge on good seats, buy her the team hat (not the pink one!) or a t-shirt and a hot dog. Take her on a tour of the ballpark/stadium, make it fun. Take my word for it, she'll think it's sexy too. :-)

Todd - so nice to see Space Beagle alive and well. I still think of you often and fondly. - Your long lost travel agent