Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Granola Bars

No this posting is not devoted to some high-level public policy discussion regarding consumer labeling of food products, lawsuits regarding obesity, etc. -- no, today the theme is more practical and warm hearted :)

If nothing else you can regard this as travel advice regarding your personal safety. Let me recommend that you keep a box of granola bars stored in your vehicle for these reasons:

1.) EMERGENCIES -- Should your vehicle become stranded the granola bars are a great source of energy plus they won't melt like candy bars.

2.) MEALS -- If you are caught in traffic or road construction delays you might not have time for lunch like I did today between meetings so I had a granola bar before I walked into my meeting so I wasn't distracted by hunger pangs.

3.) CHARITY -- today, while sitting at a traffic light after I exited the freeway I noticed a homeless person with a sign saying, "Need work, please help", so I grabbed a granola bar from my glove compartment and gave it to this gentleman to which he replied, "God Bless You" , but thankfully we weren't standing in a public school so I assume it was okay for him to say these words :) Granted the granola bar won't transform this guy's life but it met one of his basic needs (food), completed a connection to a fellow human being, and kept him fueled to continue seeking a job via his sign.

Drive safely,


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