Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Yesterday was a milestone for me I guess since I turned 40 years old but given rising life expectancies rates it appears the new mid life crisis age is 50 years old so I have 10 years to shop for a red sports car!! Donations to my "car fund" are happily received :)

I celebrated this milestone birthday by hitting the gym to retain my youthful glow :) followed by dinner at my unofficial "office" in Brussels -- the Cave du Roy Restaurant in the Grand Place of Brussels which I reviewed in a previous posting. Via my ranking system (1 to 5) I would have to give them a "3.5" for the night since my mixed grill was a bit fatty, not quite the "Iowa corn fed beef" that I was raised on but still tasty. For a starter I had the "scampi with garlic" which was excellent and for the first time since my first trip to Brussels in 1986 I ate my frites ("French fries" or "Freedom Fries" depending on your perspective) with mayonnaise which was a nice departure from the norm.

Given my alcohol free lifestyle I can't offer comments on their beer and wine selections but the patrons around me seemed to enjoy everything they ordered so I am confident you would find plenty of good choices. To close my meal I had the "mixed sorbet" which was great tasting and refreshing. Without exception the wait staff was exceptional with 3 gentlemen carefully observing all tables to ensure patrons were happy with their dining experience. Cave du Roy is an ideal venue for its ambiance, service, prices, and overall food quality. Following dinner I toured the Christmas light displays in the Grand Place and discovered a chocolate store where everything is produced on site so my Americans friends will have some new choices to enjoy.

Now off to the next 40 years of life but let me thank I few people who have been important elements in my life -- granted I run the risk of overlooking someone but that is due to a combination of jet lag, work deadlines, and the ability to create a future posting on this subject so if you feel overlooked simply let Space Beagle Notes' Director of Public Affairs (we have a full time staff on this blog you know) know of the oversight:

Family -- my thanks to them for giving me a great start on life via their support, love, coaching, and teaching. I love learning, exploring/traveling, the outdoors, religion, and being involved in my community due to their parenting. My baby brother always keeps the world in perspective for me and I appreciate his no-nonsense world view.

Kent -- for teaching me to ski, encouraging my career, coaching me in sports (and women) , hosting me at Lake Okoboji :) , and for being my best friend.

Fraternity -- too many brothers to mention but let me cite a few of the closest ones; Mom Bert our housemother for serving as our "second mother", Dick for his love of the house and mentoring when I was president, Shawn my weightlifting partner and for Homecoming 1987, Barney for his love of life and service in the Marines, Darron for being Darron, Kerby, Pete, and Rich my buddies in Minnesota, and Tom the "lost sheep" who is now blessed with Angela -- thank God we got him off the street!!! :) To the Old Lady men!!

Racquetball -- Mike, Tom, Tom, Joe, George, Dave, Dave, George, Elliott, Pat, Paul, and others we have lost over the years especially my close friend and "big brother" to me -- Jim Murphy, may you rest in peace. I really miss your friendship and seeing you limp around the court buddy :) Whether I see you guys on the court, at dinner, at our parties, or at Spring Training you are always great to be with so thank you for keeping active.

Steve -- no doubt on several peoples' short lists of "great friends in the world" , may your birkenstocks stay dry my friend :)

TS -- for pushing me to achieve in my career and for your sense of fashion :)

Stephane and Dave -- I don't know if I should thank you or slap you for getting me involved in campus politics :) Great memories and no dead people voting!!

Cheryl -- my first boss in Washington DC with the biggest heart I have seen with the exception of my mother.

Thank you everyone -- I hope I can reciprocate the friendship.



Anonymous said...


Your friendship has been reciprocated many times over. Take care my friend.


Anonymous said...


Keep it on


jdsqrd said...

To quote Frosty the Snowman, "Happy Birthday."

MAC said...

I'll join you in May. :)

Dicki said...

I'm touched to make the list.
Y'all come for a visit, anytime.


Tommy G said...

I can't BELIEVE you're forty!

Tom Greeves

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the "We're not 30 anymore" club. I turned in October, and, having 2 months into it, it's kinda freeing, in a way.