Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Made in the USA

While shopping today at Best Buy,, I could not help but overhear the conversation between a customer (let's call him "Steve" who was probably in his late 50's and one of the store's employees. Steve was focused on buying a TV that was "made in the USA" to which the the employee stated, "there really isn't such a product today but the 'Insignia' brand, which is Best Buy's brand is made in the USA I believe........."

After Steve reviewed the various TVs' features and prices he started a conversation on his cellular phone with a friend or relative it appeared to discuss which TV to purchase. The immediate question that came to mind as I observed Steve's shopping was whether or not his cell phone was "Made in the USA" since the concept was of such importance to him but we didn't converse nor could I see the phone's brand name. I can not vouch for this website -- -- but it might be a resource for Steve, Pat Buchanan, and Lou Dobbs for their "Buy American" bias.

The definition of "made in the USA" has been defined via legislation and trade agreements but should we as consumers care where products originate, are assembled, and who owns the production capability OR should we simply purchase the best products at the best prices that we are willing to pay to maximize the value to us?

My preference is for free markets, economic growth, open borders, and improved quality of life via new products and services developed via global competition versus the tribalism which typically harms free trade legislation in the US Congress.

Shop free or die,


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El Guapo in DC said...

What he needs is a TV made in Guatemala. Pat Buchanan even has one.

Mucho amor,

El Guapo