Sunday, December 18, 2005

Viking Funeral

All through my childhood I was a Pittsburgh Steelers fan since I was a line backer in school and of course the Steelers had the best linebackers in the game at the time -- Jack Ham and Jack Lambert -- but today I attended the Minnesota Vikings vs. Pittsburgh Steelers football game as a fully converted, bleeding purple Vikings fan with my fraternity brother, Pete, a recovering Chicago Bears fan :)

The game was held at the Metro Dome (or the "city morgue" as I call it due to its unfriendly, cold, exterior complete with fencing and concrete barriers) so we were nice and warm inside the dome since it was -2 degrees F when I picked Pete up this morning. I have to wonder if attendance numbers will increase or decrease if the Vikings complete an open air stadium in Blaine, Minnesota although I have to believe the NFL will pressure them to build a retractable roof stadium to not only keep the Twin Cities eligible as a future Super Bowl host city but of course to get a modern stadium built.

As for the game -- extremely disappointing and likely confirmation that the Vikings will miss the NFL playoffs this season. The Vikings lost to the Steelers by a score of 18 to 3,, which included a Safety for the Steelers which in my book is probably the worst thing that can happen to your team since it indicates poor performance -- safeties simply can't happen to you if you plan to win the game!!!!

Much like a Viking funeral the Vikings ship is loaded for the afterlife (which means coaching changes and player trades I am guessing) and is ready to set sail and set afire as is the funeral tradition. Perhaps this is a tradition that should have been utilized after the Vikings infamous Lake Minnetonka "Love Boat" public sex incident/pending police investigation which happened earlier this season --

I hope the Vikings leave Julie McCoy alone,


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