Thursday, June 22, 2006

Founding Fathers

Amazing that one full week has passed since I last posted here -- still love the "Dwarf Protest" posting so if you get a chance please consider reading it -- but finally back blogging after a busy week of social events with the girlfriend (JAN) and a business trip to Washington DC so my fingers are "content-rich" and ready for several postings today :)

During the past week the USA observed the "Fathers Day" holiday so I made my usual call to my father thanking him for raising me and giving me the right tools to succeed in life. I spent most of the day on a picnic with JAN's family in Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Minnesota which is truly a local treasure for those of us living "south of the river". The weather that day was beautiful and Holland Lake was busy with people fishing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Assets such as Lebanon Hills remind me to reflect on the vision and planning of the "founding fathers" (not sexist, just historically accurate in most cases) of our cities/counties. Having the vision to set aside nearly 700 acres in the middle of the Twin Cities' south metro area for a regional park is impressive. So as I enjoyed Fathers Day with JAN's family I thanked not only my father for teaching me to love the great outdoors but also the numerous founding fathers across our country who created a quality of life unknown in most countries in our world.

Thanks dad,


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