Friday, June 02, 2006

Four More Years!!

This week I made a short trip to Holland Lake in Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan, Minnesota to watch Governor Tim Pawlenty and Lt. Governor Carol Molnau,, announce their quest for re-election to serve as Minnesota's executives.

When I was a lobbyist years ago I knew both of these people when they served in the Minnesota House of Representatives although I knew Lt. Governor Molnau better. It is very easy for me to state that of all the candidates running for Governor of Minnesota Tim Pawlenty is by far our best choice. While I would like to see him be much more aggressive on cutting government spending his overall political ideology, his personality, and love of all things Minnesotan leave me confident in his ability to be our CEO for four more years.

Today though I want to focus on Lt. Governor Molnau since I regret not asking the following question at the Holland Lake event since the media dominated the event -- hey, shouldn't bloggers qualify for some form of "credentialed media" status? :


"Governor Pawlenty, let me applaud our decision years ago to appoint Lt. Governor Molnau as Commissioner of the MN Department of Transportation. Not only did this appointment serve taxpayers well by having Ms. Molnau "wear two hats" since the Office of Lt. Governor's job duties are rather limited this appointment also gave Ms. Molnau an opportunity to exhibit her management abilities. So the question is -- "given her performance record what department would you appoint Ms. Molnau as Commissioner when you two are re-elected, perhaps the MN Department of Human Services?"

I have not looked at this issue for years but I believe that something like 43 out of our 50 states have the office of Lieutenant Governor so if the job duties are limited to "wait around in case the governor is incapacitated or dies............." for any of these 42 other Lieutenant Governors then let their respective Governors appoint them to manage some arm of the state government to better serve taxpayers.

Minnesota's primary election is in September and the general election of course is in November so get out on the campaign trail to support your favorite candidates.

Vote don't bitch,



Ben said...

I will really, REALLY miss Pawlenty if he loses. A lot.

Anonymous said...

If the great tax cutter has been so sucessful my have y property taxes gone up 40% since he was elected.

Also, if you can get a straight answer, ask how much the side deals he made on the Twins deal will cost us. I have heard estimates of a totl price tag of $5B. Just with the wage increaes guarunteed under the last minute amendment, the stadium will cost an additional $500M.

Obviously, this is not a binary question.

Todd said...

Dear Anon - "Great Tax Cutter",

First -- estimates of $5 billion for a new Twins stadium??? Stop and ask how that is possible - the plans for the new Yankees stadium are ONLY $1B -- that is the YANKEES, the most storied team in all baseball not our respectable but not-famous Twinkies.

Two -- regarding property taxes, blame your city council/mayor not the governor. Ask what would cause a 40% increase, the reduction of state funds? Then the problem is that local government has been subsidized for far too long and is too expensive. Governor Pawlenty does not have a vote on your city council.

Three - run for office yourself or at least form your own local taxpayers' group

Four - of all the candidates for governor tell me a better option for taxpayers if not Tim Pawlenty.


butterflybutterfly said...

Okay, how about Mike Hatch.

Almost anybody is better than Pawlenty. Even Jesse would be better, and I took back my initial vote for him.

Seriously, this guy is a neo-con yes-man - how can not raising our taxes, thereby forcing our local governments to raise property taxes, help us at all? Only as an election-bid item.

And I view that much like the $1+ drop in gas prices - right before the elections. I mean, come on, how obvious a gag does it have to be??

And I believe in putting my actions where my ideals are, which is why I have become much more politically active than I was say, 10 years ago, even started a DFA group back in 2004. And I vote, every time. :)