Thursday, June 22, 2006

Would you buy a car from this guy?

Well, the world has truly come full circle indeed!!! Today's USA Today reports that Governor Corzine (Democrat-New Jersey) plans to sell "800 used vehicles from the state motor pool to save an estimated $2 million in annual costs to ease the state's financial woes............"

In terms of the most trusted/respected professions in the economy -- "politician" and "used car salesman" are not typically ranked very high by citizens and now Governor Corzine has combined both professions into one :) All kidding aside let me congratulate Governor Corzine for his leadership to save taxpayers money by actually cutting expenses out of government. However, 800 used vehicles should only be a beginning. What buildings does the State of New Jersey own or lease that should be sold/terminated combined with the elimination of state government jobs? Even if the public employee trade unions don't allow Governor Corzine to eliminate jobs he should at least aggressively push to have the vast majority of state employees work from their homes via telecommuting. By utilizing telecommuting across state government Governor Corzine would reduce real estate costs, reduce traffic congestion, and theoretically would improve family life (perhaps juvenile crime?) by allowing parents to work from home.

Governor Corzine should now lead the nation by calling for the elimination of all telecommunications taxes within the State of New Jersey to further encourage telecommuting to not only reduce government costs and traffic congestion but to facilitate the development of start up businesses. Who knows, perhaps a few state government employees -- once removed from the collectivist environment of a public employee cubicle farm -- would be inspired to start their own small business once empowered by telecommuting tools thereby further reducing the government workforce.

Encouraging baby steps Governor Corzine,


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