Thursday, July 27, 2006

Bug Hunting

After my run this morning I was reading today's newspaper when I noticed a photo of 10 year old Tayler Russell showing off one of the lobsters he caught in the Florida Keys. Yesterday was the first day of the mini-season for "bug hunting" in Florida. Lobstering in Florida is known as "bug hunting" apparently because their lobsters are much smaller than Maine-style lobsters.

This photo caught my attention because I used to go bug hunting in the Florida Keys with my very dear friend from racquetball/handball events - Jim Murphy - who lived in both Minnesota and Florida running his insurance business. Sadly Jim crashed his airplane in the Florida Everglades several years ago thus ending the life of a great friend, businessman, father, and adventurer.

Life goes on with my racquetball and scuba diving but Jim's presence will always be missed.

Enjoy your friends,


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