Monday, July 17, 2006

I need government help!!

Last week the State of Minnesota's Department of Finance reported that our state government now has a $447 million budget SURPLUS for the fiscal year ended June 30th. Now I was traveling in Europe last week so perhaps I missed it but I did not hear of one of our 201 state legislators or Governor Pawlenty call for a special session to "return this surplus to the people that produced it............." If any one of these 202 people called for tax refunds PLEASE let me know so I can congratulate them and help them for the November elections.

Without hesitation I am a big fan of Governor Pawlenty (Republican) since he is an ideal leader for Minnesota and a true gentleman on a personal level. I know the governor is limited in what he can do here -- sure he can force the legislature into a special session BUT he can't dictate what they debate or what to do of course. Governor Pawlenty's other two challenges are -- 1.) Senate Majority Leader Dean Johnson (Democrat) would never agree to a special session designed to actual give us our money back, and 2.) A high percentage of state government spending is on "auto-pilot" due to spending formulas so even if we had a special session to create tax refunds the state budget deficit would go up because of this auto-pilot spending (initially at least) although tax revenues would increase later since taxpayers with more money in their pockets generate economic growth, government programs do not generate such growth -- only press releases or new forms of welfare.

Let me encourage readers to create our own "crisis" (remember Hillary Clinton's "health care crisis" or today's "homeland security crisis") by calling for budget surpluses to be returned to taxpayers -- whether we choose to spend, save, or invest these dollars should be our choice not under the authority of government authorities.

I finally admit it -- I want the government to help me get MY money back :)


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jdsqrd said...

The State of Missouri has a law in place (Hancock Amendment) that when tax revenues exceed spending by a certain amount all people who filed a return received a refund. Missouri also has an extremely poor education system. Coincidence? Nah, just ironic.