Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Female Peter Pan

Personally I don't envy the rich and support their right to spend their money as they choose as long as it does not affect the rest of us personally. Secondly I am no fan of Hillary Clinton's friends at the Children's Defense Fund, CDF, (www.childrensdefense.org) but where is the CDF this week?

If the Fox News and CNN reports I saw today are accurate Paris Hilton's parents are hosting a "getting out of jail celebration" in Las Vegas, Nevada costing US$50,000 for their already spoiled child. Again I don't care what rich people like the Hiltons do with their money -- although hiring a mentor for Paris at $50,000 per year is probably a better choice -- but isn't lavishing such unnecessary gifts on your child simply another form of child abuse? While poor people might abuse their children by using them to extinguish their cigarettes it often seems like the rich people abuse their children in their own way such as this Las Vegas bash.

Let me encourage my readers (yes both of you!) to consider boycotting all Hilton hotel properties so that Paris' children (imagine what they will be like!!!) will have the opportunity to live normal lives.


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