Wednesday, June 27, 2007


My own religion is Lutheran not that of the pagan Druids, however like the Druids I enjoyed celebrating the Summer Solstice (June 21) since this time of year is part of the "magical six weeks" of fantastic weather we experience in Minnesota. Three weeks in late May/early June and about three weeks in late September/early October is what I deem to be the "magical six weeks" -- so magical in fact that I would bet any of my readers that if you spent a few days here during these six weeks you would want to move to Minnesota.

Yes I hear you -- "but what about your harsh winters in Minnesota?" I always reply that the harsh winters are a blessing because they are nature's way of killing the mosquitoes!! It is surprising the Minnesota Department of Tourism doesn't hire me -- now that is some damn fine marketing.

That is enough free advertising for the State of Minnesota now back to the Druids. Granted, that classic scene in the movie, "Spinal Tap", where the dwarf nearly crumbled the band's Stonehenge model brings a smile to my face but an even better memory for me is my 1986 visit to Stonehenge, the famous religious structure for the Druids, in the United Kingdom. Back in those days visitors were still allowed to walk through the structure and actually touch it but today I understand it is fenced off so you can allow gaze upon this wonderful work of art/religion/architecture/astronomy.

The following website is a great overview of the Druid religion for interested readers --

Little did I know until I scanned this website that former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was a member of the "more mystical Ancient Order of Druids" which he was initiated into at Oxford University.

Ah, the things you can learn while doing some light summer reading.

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