Monday, June 11, 2007

A Teacher with Reach

While it isn't the football hall of fame, induction into the "Energizer Keep Going Hall of Fame" (yes the Energizer bunny with the drum) would still clearly be an honor. I recently heard of this hall of fame because a fellow Minnesotan in Grand Marais, Minnesota -- David Freeman -- is one of the "ten finalists" for this honor. Should Mr. Freeman wins the most votes he will be inducted and will receive a $5,000 award.

Mr. Freeman was nominated for this award because he is the creator of the non-profit, online classroom known as the "Wilderness Classroom" which is at -- This project provides journal reports and online learning activities generated by Mr. Freeman's world travels for students in second through eight grade.

After a quick review of his website I admit I was a little jealous of his adventures which include:

Dogsledding in Manitoba
Exploring Costa Rica
Sking across Manitoba
Following the Voyageurs
Canoeing the Mississippi
Solo across the BWCAW

Perhaps this could be a good retirement job for me!!?? Personally I think Mr. Freeman's project is a great resource for getting children interested in the world beyond their community but I would hope it would also inspire them to get involved in the outdoors. I raise this concern because we are creating a generation of children who sit at home in air conditioning watching hours of TV and/or read my blog (okay that isn't a bad thing!!), then they travel via air-conditioned vehicles to air-conditioned classrooms where they (in some schools) are required to watch films like Al Gore's "scare-u-mentary" entitled, "An Inconvenient Truth", designed to frighten them the world around them is doomed due to man's daily activities. As soon as I see Mr. Gore trade his private jet travel and motorcade for a horse and buggy I will reduce my carbon foot print.

Keep Going Mr. Freeman -- you are doing more good than false prophets like Al Gore.


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