Thursday, June 28, 2007

With one Tooth

No doubt my detractors out there -- Earth Muffin, Holstein Girl, and my racquetball buddy Dave -- will call me an uninformed, even heartless conservative with this posting but that is what encourages me to wake up every morning ready for another day of proving big government advocates like them to be COMPLETELY WRONG:-)

Photo/Image Credits go to -- Blue Dolphin Publishing

Today's posting comes courtesy of ancient Egypt and its Valley of the Kings. DNA tests completed on a single tooth from Queen Hatshepsut (QH) were recently published according to the Associated Press. These test results show that a long overlooked Egyptian mummy.............."of an obese woman, who likely suffered from diabetes and liver cancer............" are indeed the remains of QH.

Obesity, diabetes, and liver cancer? How is this possible my "obesity is a crisis that requires government action......" friends out there? QH was known to have dressed like a man and wore a fake beard while serving as pharaoh for 20 years during the 15TH CENTURY B.C. -- which means QH had a badonkadonk butt nearly 3,500 years ago!!!

Three thousand five hundred years ago -- now what kinds of things did not exist at this time? Here are a few that come to mind --

  • McDonald's restaurants

  • all you can eat buffets

  • late night pizza delivery

  • video games

  • surfing the Internet

  • leisure time (for the peasants anyway)

  • multi-national food/candy corporations marketing to children

  • soda pop/candy vending machines in schools

Yet somehow, someone like QH became obese on her own -- perhaps we could say she was "responsible" for her own fate -- without being targeted by sophisticated corporate marketing plans. Perhaps my more enlightened readers can think of other "evil" elements of society that the ancient Egyptians did not have in their time.

Clearly health issues like obesity have been with us for a long time so public officials across the country should pause to read a few more history books before they launch yet another government investigation or program to "solve" society's problems.

Teach history not social studies,


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jdsqrd said...

OK, so there were no Micky Dees, Whopper Kings, and Pizza Pits in ancient Egypt, but you can be damn sure there was a Starbucks on the corner of every pyramid.