Sunday, August 19, 2007


Due to a gift from friends of ours my wife and I attended the stage production -- "1776" -- last night at the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Wow!!! Not only is this great theatre (based on a concept developed by Sherman Edwards) but this production is also a great way for non-historians to learn about the USA's Founding Fathers. 1776 is a comedy/musical based in Philadelphia during the debate that created the USA's Declaration of Independence from the British Empire.

The show itself was very entertaining in terms of the acting, the singing, and the history lessons (assuming Mr. Edwards maintained accuracy in his character portrayals) were highly educational. This would be an ideal production for high school students to attend to supplement the very watered-down history instruction they get in today's "social studies" courses.

I could not tell on the Guthrie's website if this show will be touring in other cities but if it does I would encourage you to take your children.


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