Friday, August 17, 2007

Summer Kills

While listening to my favorite talk radio show -- "Garage Logic" -- today I heard them discuss the recent media coverage of elderly people dying of exposure to this summer's hot temperatures -- blamed of course on global warming.

Then we come to find out that the summer weather in the 1930's (the pre-central air era) was even hotter than it is in 2007 so was man made global warming to blame for the heat-related deaths during that decade or perhaps the earth's climate simply changes REGARDLESS of humans being here since the earth is not some static laboratory -- climate change IS a natural event!!

However, the most interesting comment made on the talk radio show was by the show's producer when he was talking to today's guest host. The producer posed the question that if global warming is the cause of these heat-related deaths this summer then will global warming be "thanked" for saving lives during the winter months? Will the media produce any stories this winter about how elderly people are avoiding freezing in their homes?

Now this got me thinking -- will today's government programs that provide heating assistance to low income households in the winter be converted (keep those bureaucrats employed!!!!) into "air conditioning assistance" programs as our planet's climate warms up? Coupled with that I was wondering if Venezuela's President/Dictator/Megalomaniac Huge Chavez's program of selling heating oil at discounted prices to the New England region of the USA be discontinued due to global warming?

So many questions come to mind as we explore the political agendas found within the "global warming is going to kill us........." community but the universal agenda item these climate alarmists all share is that they simply want to control how the rest of us live (or die for that matter).

Thanks for the oil Comrade Chavez,


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