Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Haircuts and Cleft Palates

It would have been nice to just relax tonight by watching an episode of Frasier but I chose to watch the "AFL-CIO (big labor unions in the USA - for my European friends) Democratic Presidential Candidate Forum" so I can continue my work educating my blog readers - yes both of you!!!!!!

So "Big Labor" sponsored tonight's debate so when will "Big Business" sponsor a similar forum for both Republicans and Democrats ? Will the AFL-CIO host the Republican candidates? If not why don't they just make it official by merging the AFL-CIO with the Democratic Party to drive some transparency and efficiency to their political machine!!!??

Okay, enough of my speechifying here is a very substantive observation I made during the debate tonight when YET AGAIN former US Senator/trial lawyer/ambulance chaser John Edwards gave his example of why we need to "fix" the USA's health care system. Senator Edwards mentioned a 51 year old man that he met while campaigning who "could not afford the surgery costs for his cleft palate...............so he could not even speak for 50 years........how can this happen in America?....................." Another blogger commented on this Edwards "poverty tour" example on July 31st which is noted at this link --


Now I am not heartless just rational so let me ask a few questions regarding Edwards' example -

  • Was it impossible for this guy to save any money for this surgery? Assuming he started a full time job at age 18 and if he save $500 per year ($42 per month) he could have amassed $9,000 by age 28 which should have been plenty of money for this basic operation.
  • What exactly was wrong with this guy? If it was a standard cleft palate why wasn't the Smile Train (www.smiletrain.org -- which has been working since 2000) or a similar operation an option for him?

Quoting now from the Smile Train website the specifics of such a surgical procedure include:

"The free cleft surgery your donation will help provide, is a true, modern-day medical miracle: it costs as little as $250 and takes as little as 45 minutes."

What?????????? Only $250 and 45 minutes to fix a cleft palate? So why didn't this guy get the procedure done years ago? Since it is public knowledge that John Edwards spent $400 for a hair cut let me suggest that instead of taxing us more to pay for this 51 year old gentleman's cleft palate operation via universal health care let's have Edwards get an $18.00 haircut at my hair salon thus allowing him to give the $382.00 in savings to the 51 year old to pay Smile Train to have the operation completed.

Logic and charity should rule in the USA -- not John Edwards-style class warfare designed to keep the welfare state alive and well.


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jdsqrd said...

Since I'm not voting for any of the current Dem candidates you are really only educating one of your readers.