Monday, October 08, 2007

Immersion Schools

While traveling in Northern Minnesota last week I clipped this article from a local newspaper --

"Language immersion interest remains for Superior schools"

This article was focused on the Superior (Wisconsin) School District's pending decision regarding whether or not to create foreign language "immersion schools." Now at my friends know by now I am not xenophobic regarding immigration preferring to have the world have less "walls" and more free trade including the movement of people under the rule of law where property is protected. Secondly I have studied two foreign languages during high school, undergraduate, and graduate school so no one can call me an "English only cave man" especially since my hope is that my children will become at least bi-lingual thus surpassing my foreign language abilities.

Having said all that what most attracted me to the Superior Schools article regarding immersion schools is this central question -- "why don't we create charter/immersion schools for new immigrants to ease their transition into the USA?" Such a school would have as its focus:

-English language immersion
-History (not "social studies" of the USA)
-Reading/literature (to reinforce the English instruction)

Such a model would be focused which is exactly the opposite of what education is today -- instead the education establishment has evolved into simply chasing more money for specialty jobs and "special education" students so the incentive becomes to have everything deemed "special or 'for diversity' " to help chase the dollars.

Fiscal conservatives and free traders like me would be a strange bedfellow to chicken little commentators like Lou "Build a wall across Mexico" Dobbs on CNN since he should LOVE this education reform idea that I offer.

Buy textbooks not barb wire,


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