Monday, October 08, 2007

Iran -- Part 2

In my earlier posting here entitled "Iran" I commented on the President of Iran's recent speeches at Columbia University and the United Nations in which he declared, "Iran does not have homosexuals.................." This comment was greeted with shock and ridicule by the audience at the speech and media coverage.

So the question remains -- were there never homosexuals in Iran or did the government/religious police do something with them? Perhaps the rule of the Taliban in Afghanistan provides us with a possible explanation. As noted in a recent Men's Health magazine article regarding the growing popularity of weight lifting/body building in Afghanistan the Taliban used what was called "Kabul's Pool (not "Rule") of Law" in the article I read. The program was simple -- the Taliban utilized an empty Olympic swimming pool built by the Soviets in the mid 1980's for their form of justice. Quoting Men's Health now --

" Homosexuals and political dissidents were pushed from the top (diving) platform and judged innocent if they lived. Today the pool serves as a soccer field for Afghan youth."

Progress is being made if we are willing to look for it.


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